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Think To Power Corporation was founded in Mar. 2018 which located in Hsinchu Zhubei , Taiwan. Team members have more than 10 years experience of Solar Stringer Machine manufacturing and equipment materials assessment procurement in top semiconductor and solar energy company.


Think To Power Corporation was built at 201803 , located at Hsinchu , Chupei , for the supporting customer to reduce cost and promoting green energy . We focus on the selling of material and new technology machine about Photovoltaic area . At the same time , we also promote the Industry 4.0 about automatic intellectual vehicle to Factories, hospitals, logistic centers, relative handling business . We hoping to help out customer reduce the production cost and upgrade the value.

The main product is

Solar Stringer Machine

, materials and unmanned handling robot solutions (Robot AIV)。The chemical liquid we proposed had occupied the market over 50% during half year. Currently we focus on equipment materials product planning, by building the equipment and process-quality team to maintain the service network of Taiwan, South Korea, Southeast Asia distributor , and also maintain the latest information of China Solar industry for our customers to keep the chance and make decision . If you have any demand or question about products, please contact us .